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Predictions 2015: Libra

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281px-Libra.svgLibra (for those born Sept. 23-Oct. 22):  You may have noticed that lately you’re learning a thing or two about partnerships, cooperation and sharing. Since these are precisely the traits that Librans are known for, why should such things be showing as difficult lessons? Since the spring of 2014, there’s been a paradox at work in your life: The more you help others — especially your partner – the more you help yourself. The converse is also true.

When you and your partner are able to work as a dynamic duo, you begin to believe in yourself. That positive self-image is one the world likes to see. In other words, helping others brings out the very best in you. The problem is that your partner so often resists or rejects your help. That’s downright exasperating for you, and you can react by walling them off. The year 2015 will help you to resolve festering issues in partnerships as well as what is going on with problematic contracts and agreements. And it all comes down to knowing thyself.

The year begins with a focus on the home front where the vibes are anything but light and breezy. For a number of years, going back to 2008, you’ve faced a number of challenges and power plays when it comes to real estate and/or dealings with your parents. Your partner has not been particularly supportive through it all, and you may feel you are carrying the load all by yourself. You’re learning to anticipate the slow grind and frankly, you’re getting so philosophical about it all that you could write a self-help book about it. [Continued at RulingPlanets.com]

Note: My 2015 predictions originally appeared on Christopher Renstrom’s website RulingPlanets.com. Renstrom is a published author and horoscope columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle and  SheKnows.com. He teaches and practices astrology in Salt Lake City.


Author: Jerolyn Wroble

Putting hands into the equation, whether it's astrology, hand analysis, hands-on healing or visual art. A practitioner of astrology and Reiki for more than two decades.

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