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Predictions 2015: Aquarius

350px-Aquarius.svgAquarius (for those born Jan. 20-Feb. 18): 2015 begins with a welcome shift, a release from an oft-times do-or-die mission involving your career and public life. Over the past two and a half years, you’ve either succeeded beyond your wildest dreams or had to throw in the towel in plain view of all who know you — maybe some of both. You want to feel that all your hard work was not in vain, that you have made a significant and lasting contribution to the community, yet acknowledgement from those in charge is in short supply.

But this is about to change. With your co-ruler, Saturn, changing signs as well as houses in late 2014, your status can no longer be denied. Saturn is the planet of tests and trials, and you’ve proven you could climb every mountain put in front of you. Now that you gained the prestige you worked so hard for, the question becomes, what are you going to do with it?

It could be that you’re feeling a tad used up, lacking a clear intent about your next conquest. You also may feel restless and easily provoked. Behind it all is an urge to be more daring and independent even if it means turning your back on the people and tried-and-true methods that helped you achieve success. You’re just fed up with the same-old, same-old and want to see a new and improved version of yourself and the world around you. [Continued at RulingPlanets.com]

Note: My 2015 predictions originally appeared on Christopher Renstrom’s website RulingPlanets.com. Renstrom is a published author and horoscope columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle and  SheKnows.com. He teaches and practices astrology in Salt Lake City.