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Predictions 2015: Pisces

189px-Pisces.svgPisces (for those born Feb. 19- March 20): Call it a mixed blessing. For the past several years, it seems, you’ve been awash in emotions, creativity and inspiration. All these blissful feelings and oneness with the divine — yet no one to experience it with. What good is cosmic understanding when you feel so alone?

Welcome to Neptune. In 2011, your ruling planet returned to Pisces after traveling the zodiac for 165 years. Neptune is the planet of imagination, and his arrival in the sign he rules has likely enthralled many a Pisces, which he will continue to do until he moves on in 2026. He certainly made a good first impression, harmonizing with two other planetary heavy hitters also in water signs: Saturn, the planet of trials and tribulations, traveled into Scorpio in 2012 and will finish up there in the fall of 2015. Jupiter, the planet of higher purpose, made its way through Cancer in 2013-14.

In 2015, Neptune no longer needs to cooperate and blend in with others. Jupiter and Saturn have moved on to new signs, and each is slowly beginning to square, or create tension with Neptune. Whether or not the three can continue to make beautiful music together remains to be seen. [Continued at RulingPlanets.com]

Note: My 2015 predictions originally appeared on Christopher Renstrom’s website RulingPlanets.com. Renstrom is a published author and horoscope columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle and  SheKnows.com. He teaches and practices astrology in Salt Lake City.