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Predictions 2015: Virgo

194px-Virgo.svgVirgo (for those born Aug. 23-Sept. 22): The new year finds you absorbed and nearly fixated on matters concerning children and creativity. When a Virgo burrows into the creativity zone, watch out. They barely come up for air.

But no sooner do you glance up from your projects and handiwork than you find yourself challenged by the first of the year’s three Mercury retrogrades, a time when your ruling planet appears to move backward in the heavens.

Mercury is known for his mental agility and speed. Retrogrades, then, are a time for life on Earth to catch up with Mercury’s fleeting ideas. It also allows you to slow down, review your thoughts and allow information to sink in. While necessary, retrogrades are seldom comfortable for Children of Mercury — especially in 2015, when all three occur in air signs. Air means relationships, and relationships mean people. For the self-reliant Virgo, people-who-need-people spells trouble. That’s how you come across, anyway, even though the big secret is that you love serving others. The good news in 2015 is that Jupiter, the planet of higher purpose and good fortune, enters your sign on Aug. 11. You can count on Jupiter to help you make sense of these challenges. [Continued at RulingPlanets.com]

Note: My 2015 predictions originally appeared on Christopher Renstrom’s website RulingPlanets.com. Renstrom is a published author and horoscope columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle and  SheKnows.com. He teaches and practices astrology in Salt Lake City.