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Predictions 2015: Sagittarius

235px-Sagittarius.svgSagittarius (for those born Nov. 22-Dec. 21): It’s time to get real. That may be your new mantra going in to 2015. But just what does it mean for a Sagittarian to get real? That’s exactly what Saturn, newly arrived in your sign, is hoping to find out as you test the foundation of your identity and self-image.

Perhaps you’re noticing that physically, you’re feeling your years. You may be running up against your biological clock wanting to start a family or maybe you’re noticing a few strands of gray on your temples. The challenge is to find a new way to look at your aging process. Maybe you need to hone a whole new philosophy about life because you’ve outgrown your existing belief system. This is your time, until December of 2017, while Saturn, the planet of tests and trials, resides in your sign to work on that change, and then to test the concepts that you project into the world.

By helping you become more focused on the here and the now, Saturn may put a damper on your usual free-spirited way of life. Not only that, but as the year begins, your ruling planet, Jupiter, is retrograde, or appearing to move backward in the sky. From now until April 8, it could be a challenge for you to muster your usual enthusiasm or big-picture thinking. It may feel like someone or something has quashed or delayed your plans for travel or educational studies abroad. If you do travel, it may seem that your luck isn’t as reliable as it usually is. [Continued at RulingPlanets.com]

Note: My 2015 predictions originally appeared on Christopher Renstrom’s website RulingPlanets.com. Renstrom is a published author and horoscope columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle and  SheKnows.com. He teaches and practices astrology in Salt Lake City.